Soft Autumn

private escort for
gentlemen over 30

image I can entice you with fancy words, or try to convince you that I am the best, the prettiest, the hottest and sexiest woman alive, and that you just can't live without me.
I prefer to treat you like men, describe myself and my feelings about my profession, and let you decide for yourself.
My name is Autumn. I am a 48 year old, 5'5", full figured and voluptuous BBW with blue eyes, soft skin, and a warmth about me.
I also have a cheeky streak a mile wide, a warped sense of humour, an open smile, and a genuine desire to create a warm happy memory of our time together.
If you need more than an impersonal and mechanical encounter, then imagine a mature, gentle woman taking your hand and treating you to an honest and earnest experience.
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